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We invest in technology.

Constant improvement with professional installation team, machinery park equipped with ultra-precise machine tool, digital, water jet cutting machines, gang-saws and other machine guaranties customer satisfaction and most convenient prices.  

Quality and precision

The machine park is equipped with the latest technology like gang - saws for blocks, water jet cutting, new polishing line, CNC Machines. On the other hand a large stock of material and 1000m2 production hall ensures continuity of production, on time orders and almost unlimited possibilities. Modern production lines ensure quick and cost-effective production of final product as well as semi-finished products. . With many years of experience and innovative solutions we can perform complex, professional jobs. We produce all kinds of interior finishing in stone, such as fireplaces, stairs, floors and various external works: facades, fountains arrangements gardens, tombs, etc. We cut blocks, manufacture stone  and install of all kinds of stone elements, we are doing service with water jet cutting technology.

Concrete frames for tombstones

We have developed and produce system framework to the tombs, urns and gravestones. This ensures that all our monuments as well as graves are firm and solid. Practical concrete elements ensure easy installation of the grave  (without concrete works). For example, the tomb of 2 - coffins consists of the following elements: 5 concrete frames, 4 internal concrete slabs, 4 concrete slabs for covering.

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