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Kaszubskie Kamienie

kaszubskie kamienie

Kaszubskie Kamienie

On the basis of personal experiences and discoveries from quarries around the world, Leon Czerwinski has created an exhibition . The owner of Murkam tells of the adventures and interesting people who he have had pleasure to meet on the occasion of exceptional projects. One of these is  an alter setting,  pilgrimaging around Europe, a gigantic retable made by sculptor Mariusz Drapikowski. It was consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI and after many adventures set in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Leon took part in the historic dedication of Jerusalem Triptych by the governors of the three religions.


Marble, a durable material, where human history was carved. The history of stone is inextricably linked with the history of man. The specificity of stone, man always used to reflect the culture and style that was typical of the era.

School trip guided by Leon Czerwiński.

Fundacja Kaszubskie Kamienie
Fundacja Kaszubskie Kamienie
Fundacja Kaszubskie Kamienie

Fundacja Kaszubskie Kamienie

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