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Kawle Dolne ul. Rzemieślnicza 87


Murkam is the most professional stone company in the north part of Poland. We are delivering products to most demanding markets like Canada, all Scandinavian countries, Germany and other countries of EU and well as to Mexico and Russia. Regular sale to individual customers is the evidence of quality products we work with.



Sławoj Ostrowski

Cooperation with Murkam gives me artistic freedom. Great choice of stones in Poland and the latest processing technologies enable the freedom to create.

Sławoj Ostrowski prof. Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk
Sławoj L. Głódź

Honorable Mr. and Mrs. Czerwinski, owners of Murkam, congratulate the achievements of artistic dimension, that enrich our gray reality with these works!

Sławoj L. Głódź Archbishop
Stefan Urbanowicz

On behalf of myself and the management of the Post Office in Gdansk I extend warm thanks for the great commitment and great effort put into the restoration of the post office at Długa Street.

Stefan Urbanowicz The director of the Post Office in Gdansk