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PEOPLE create the company

Murkam is a conglomerate of personalities. Among our employees are masons with 30 years of experience. On the other hand we invest every year in young students taking vocational and technical schools. Some employees are former students.  Satisfying work is part of a happy life. We do our best to match capabilities to the task.

Crafts Guild

We cooperate with the Guild of Handicraft when education is concerned. Leon Czerwiński is one of masters examining and training students.


We take part in Polish-French exchange of students from the National School of Civil Engineering in Wrzeszcz with a vocational school in France. We were engaged in construction competitions for Technical School in Kartuzy. We internships for young high school graduates.


We work with professors  at  Gdansk University of Technology. Department of Road and Bridge Construction and the Department of Sculpture, as well as the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk Department of Design and the Department of Sculpture. We help graduate student in project implementation and technical preparation of master's thesis, diplomas, samples ect.

Podziękowania dla Leona Czerwińskiego