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How to order?


We like challenges. Together with architects we search for creative solutions and applications around the world of stones. We specialize in finished products for individual projects. Many years of experience in cooperation with designers allows us to understand the most elaborate ideas. Our idea is to assist and advice in most complex designs.

We have a professional machine park.

Precision CNC machines enable cutting and gluing the material at an angle of 45 ° (so called girung).


The headquarter in Przodkowo offers exhibition of examples and interesting solutions. On-site consultant delivers necessary technical advice. After establishing the basic parameters, such as size and type of stone we can prepare initial valuations. We will guide your order from design to installation.

There is a rule that whoever performs measurement does the installation, too. In the kitchen and similar spaces we can take the measurement only after installing the furniture. You select the slab for production yourself from the slabs stock.

Orders of large quantities and special formats, thickness or color should be selected several months in advance.

Digital Manufacturing accept drawings in DXF format.


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